Monofilament Vs Braided, How To Choose Spinning Lines

Hello to all the fishing lovers!

I believe that every single fisherman started his fishing career with spool full of monofilament fishing line. The commercial appearance of braided fishing line started in the early ‘90s and it took some time before dyneema lines became widely used. Before that, all the fishermen using spinning fishing, were equipped with good old mono lines. But that does not mean that monofilaments are the obsolete form of fishing line! The technology is growing every day, developing strongest copolymers for best fishing line performance.

There are a lot of modern mono fishing lines on the market that is superior for some of the fishing situations, and here are fishing tips on how to pick the best one for your spinning fishing.

Trout Fishing In The Brooks

Fishing line for trout- GER-LINE®

In the fast and clear water, even the best braided fishing lines can be a two-edged sword. A stretchless fishing line is a good tool for all the situations where you need fast response, but when you are trying to catch a fish with a soft mouth and really fast reactions, you want to buy yourself some time. This is the reason why amortization of monofilament lines is hooking your fish better in fast currents, the fish can suck in your fishing lure more easily, and you are avoiding a chance for fish to tear its mouth or to open your fishing hook. Mono lines are also allowing us to cast further, and their elasticity and smoothness are giving us a chance to slip down our fishing lures from the branches when we do a bad cast. In order to pick up the best trout fishing line, you should go for proven quality monofilament fishing line manufacturers that are taking care of monofilament line diameter to be constantly same on every millimeter of the line. Go for the soft line, with no memory, and great elasticity to ensure precise casting, smooth hooking of trout and good amortization in big fish fights. Also, pick transparent or brownish colored lines, because trout have good eyesight and suspicious nature. Best diameters for trout starts from 0.16 for small brooks and can go to 0.25mm for big lakes.

Asp Fishing On Pilks And Flies

Asp fishing- GER-LINE®

Asp fishing is great fun, and one of the most efficient methods is the system with heavy fishing lures – spoon or pilk, on the end of the fishing line, and streamer tied on the side leader 0.5-1.2m away from the main lure. This way you can search for fish in multiple water layers at the same time, try two or more lure sizes at one cast, and you are able to cast insanely far! And long casting is what is monofilament fishing line best for! Soft lines with intermediate stretch are the Kings’ choice for long casting, and secure hooking. Systems with multiple lures have Achilles toe – the knots for side leaders. That’s the reason why this technique requires high-quality lines that you can rely on and should always check your knotting. Check diameters between 0.20-0.28 for asp fishing, and choose the transparent lines.

Old School Pike Fishing

Pike fishing line- GER-LINE®

Decades ago, spinners and spoons were the only pike lures available on the market, but even today, they are still unbeatable in fishing some days. A lot of fishermen are still winning the competitions using these classics. If you want to put that same smile on your mustache, and fish with old school heavy metal lures, you will need best rated monofilament fishing line. Even the best braided line on the market cannot take the twisting effect of the spinners. If you just want to make cast or two, the swivels can help your braid to survive, but all day fishing for pike on metals requires best monofilament fishing lines! For this fishing style, pick strongest monofilament, choosing the hard and stiff for the summer and the soft lines for the winter season, to avoid the spiral effect on cold weather. In order to land your pike, you should always use the pike leaders like wolfram, kevlar or stainless steel leader. fishing line diameter between 0.25-0.35mm should be preferred. Line color is not the important topic for catching a pike.

Ice Fishing On Jigs

Ice fishing lines - GER-LINE®

Winter fishing is challenging fishing style that provides a lot of magic. And freshwater fishing is what is braided line most used for. But when you need sensitive approach on your lure presentation, little spikes of ice on your braided fishing line structure can be a deal breaker. Here mono fishing lines are taking again the eternal match of braided fishing line vs. monofilament. You should pick some high quality, low memory and low stretch monofilament for this occasion and catch a fish when everyone else are sticking to the hot tea. You will have to be as quick as possible and to go visual on bite detection, to compensate the feeling and response of dyneema braided line, but after a little exercise, you will be able to be more effective than braid fishermen.