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Our expert team will be sharing tips, tricks and techniques to help you become a better fisherman.
From learning how to tie two fishing lines together, make fishing knots, what is fluorocarbon vs monofilament vs braided fishing lines, fishing line test and strength etc., our in-house experts are here to help you improve your fishing.

Jun 6

How to choose the right braid for freshwater spinning

Hello to all fishing enthusiasts! If you are into spinning for more than a few fishing days, chances are that you are already enjoying amazing performance of braided fishing lines! Experienced fishermen develop their own taste for choosing the best braided lines, but if you are still exploring the world of spinning, here are some […]

Jun 6

Monofilament Vs Braided, How To Choose Spinning Lines

Hello to all the fishing lovers! I believe that every single fisherman started his fishing career with spool full of monofilament fishing line. The commercial appearance of braided fishing line started in the early ‘90s and it took some time before dyneema lines became widely used. Before that, all the fishermen using spinning fishing, were […]

Dec 12

The Best Carp Fishing Line

Are you new to carp fishing? We promise that this short guide will give you some good answers about your carp fishing line which is the most important part of your tackle arsenal. Carp fishing is not difficult, but you will need the appropriate equipment and specifically the best carp fishing line. Our Ger-Line Fishing […]

Nov 11

Best Fishing Line for Spinning

First of all, the spinning technique is one of the most popular techniques all over the world. Choosing the best fishing line for spinning is not only critical but also essential if you want to come home with a bucket full of fish. We by Ger-Line know the angler’s needs so we would like to […]

Sep 9

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line: Invisibility and Strength

First of all, modern fishing requires modern cutting-edge fishing equipment. Gone are the days, when a simple mono line was more than enough. Unfortunately, pollution and overfishing reduced fish stocks and fish became more suspicious. Consequently, you will have to make your bait more attractive! Modern manufacturers like ger-line solved this problem many years ago. […]

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