Best Fishing Line for Spinning

First of all, the spinning technique is one of the most popular techniques all over the world. Choosing the best fishing line for spinning is not only critical but also essential if you want to come home with a bucket full of fish. We by Ger-Line know the angler’s needs so we would like to share our experience with every fisherman.

Just to make things clear, the term “best fishing line for spinning” is subjective. Every angler has different needs. Today we will go through some very useful tips that will help you select the best line to load your spinning reel.

Best Fishing Lines for Spinning Reels - GER-LINE®

Spinning Fishing – GER-LINE®


Why You Should Select a Good Line for Spinning


Got a new spincast reel and want to load it with fishing line? These are the reasons why you should definitely select the best fishing line for spinning.

  1. The spinning retrieval and casting methods tend to corrode the line due to the pressure applied from the guides on the braided fishing line or monofilament fishing line.
  2. Water, dust, sand and the other elements of nature could destroy your line so if you will get strong strikes you will definitely lose the fish. Especially saltwater enthusiasts have to deal with the worse corrosive substance.
  3. Frequent fish strikes are able to affect the fishing line elasticity and finally ruin it.
  4. The slightest imperfection could destroy your fishing trip.
  5. Sometimes, when you have to tie a lure on the line you must wet the knot and let it slide down. If you have a bad quality line it could cause friction.
  6. Respooling after each fishing trip.

Consequently, choosing the best fishing line for spinning is quite important if you do not want to hurt your chances of catching big trophy fish. In the next section, we will go into more details about the “right: fishing line.

What Should I Look for In the Best Fishing Line for Spinning?

Just remember that the fishing line is the most critical link between the fish and you. The bad line means bad fishing day. These are the most common features and characteristics that you should look for.

  • The best fishing line should be made of high-quality materials able to withstand any weather condition.
  • Elasticity levels should approach almost zero rates so you can feel every fish bite.
  • Abrasion resistance and almost zero memory are essential if you want to avoid loops, twists and sudden line breaks.
  • An important feature that will make the difference is that the line should be very smooth and round. Cheap and bad quality lines will lose their roundness after the first fishing trip.

Spinning Fishing Line Categories

Monofilament Fishing Line Brand - GER-LINE®

German Fishing Line Manufacturer – GER-LINE®


Monofilament Fishing Line

The main characteristic and benefit of monofilament line are that it is quite durable and most of them are resistant to abrasion. However, it is difficult to manage zero stretches so most manufacturers are not able to construct lines with low elasticity levels. It is considered to be one of the best fishing lines for spinning reels and the majority of anglers use it as mainline or leader line.

However, the only disadvantage here is that they are quite visible. We by Ger-Line, through many tests, errors and research managed to construct the unique MEGASTRONG Ger-Line line which is the hallmark of versatility and strength. Having super abrasion resistance and low stretch levels, we can definitely promise that it is a line that all anglers can rely on.

This IGFA honored mono line will be your next fishing buddy.


Best Brand Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line - GER-LINE®

What Is The Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line – GER-LINE®

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Spinning anglers are very familiar with fluorocarbon fishing line. It looks similar to the classic mono line but it has some features that make it unique and number one selection for almost all techniques. Well, the best fluorocarbon lines have low stretch and their refractive index approaches the refractive index of the water.

In a few words, it is almost invisible. Unfortunately, there are not many “real” fluorocarbon lines on the market. Most of them are just “Fluoro-coated” which means that they are visible like the mono line.

High performance and quality fluorocarbon line should be 100% fluorocarbon! Our recommendation is the MEGACLEAR Fluorocarbon Ger-Line which is made on the pillars of innovation and tested by thousands of anglers.

German Braided Fishing Line - GER-LINE®

Best Brand Of Fishing Line – GER-LINE®

Braided Fishing Line

If you are a spinning enthusiast you definitely use braided line. This line is a good choice for spinning because braided lines have usually a bigger pound test. Additionally, they are able to battle any big fish without any issue.

Thanks to the extra thin diameter you can load your spinning reel with big amounts of braided line. 4 Strand and 8 strand lines are top selections especially if they are made of high-quality fibers. Don’t forget that a high-quality braided line will help you with your casts even if you are using heavy lures.

Undoubtedly, the MEGABRAID 8 Ger-Line is definitely the best fishing line for spinning if you are going to use braided line. Furthermore, this braided line contains 8 extra round high-quality strands woven together which will pass the test of time.

Let’s go Spinning with Ger-Line!


Summarizing, these are the best line types for pursuing fish by spinning. Keep in mind that the perfect line for you depends on the target fish and conditions. For medium-size fish, you can just use the mono line or better fluorocarbon line. On the other hand, if your goal is to catch some trophy fish, you should consider the braided line.

It would be a good idea to use the mono line as backing and the main line. Fluorocarbon line is commonly used as the leader line due to fewer visibility levels. Thank you for reading and stay tuned at Ger-Line!