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Founded in 2008, GER-LINE was launched with the aim of providing passionate
fishermen with the world’s best range of high-quality fishing lines.

Featuring monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided fishing lines, we pride ourselves in helping you conquer any catch with the best fishing lines in the world. With a passion for quality and an eye for precision engineering, you can be assured that every line leaving our warehouse has been crafted to absolute perfection.



Made in Germany

Every aspect of our fishing lines from production to spooling and packaging, is produced right here in Germany using premium raw materials and with the latest advances in manufacturing technology. As part of the product development phase, we also work closely with experienced fishing tackle experts to ensure that each fishing line is strategically crafted with our customers’ needs at heart.


We’re on a mission to be the world’s number one brand of premium fishing lines. That’s why we take exceptional care in crafting every line to perfection so that we can position ourselves as a brand that you can trust.


We understand the importance of constant innovation when it comes to helping you master your fishing game. That’s why we’re constantly learning from our customers, studying the market and adapting our products to ensure that they are nothing short of the best.


Your satisfaction and success are our priority. That’s why our exceptional customer success team is always here to provide you with the support you need to excel in any situation.


We’re not just fishing line brand manufacturer, we’re fishing enthusiasts. That’s the core motivation that drives everything we do at GER-LINE® as we pursue our dream of making fishing sports easier and more enjoyable, for anglers at all levels. From increasing your chances of a catch to helping you reel in the largest of fish, our exceptional range of fishing lines have got you covered.


Grow together with our customers in their markets


Our primary customers are fishing tackle & line distributors, wholesalers and brand manufacturers, both within Europe and across international markets.


The GER-LINE® range of products are steadily growing within both emerging and developed markets including South Africa, South America, the US, Australia, China, and Russia.

Frank Hennig is the inspiring entrepreneur who founded GER-LINE. With over 35 years of fishing experience, it comes as no surprise that Frank has an incredible passion for helping fisherman succeed. An enthusiastic fisherman himself who has partaken in more than his fair share of competitions, he understood first-hand the frustrations that faced every fisherman.

From poor line quality to sub-par manufacturing, it became clear to him that there was a gap in the market for premium, German manufactured fishing lines. This led him to the very beginnings of his fishing tackle business with more than 1,000 square meter, fishing tackle shop.

In parallel to serving consumers directly, he was also managing the wholesale and distribution of his own range of products. This led him to the founding of GER-LINE with the aim of revolutionizing the fishing industry by bringing premium, high-quality German fishing lines to a global audience.

He’s also previously graduated from Fachhochschule Lübeck (University of Applied Science) with a double degree in both Economics and Engineering, further allowing him to understand the intricacies of the fishing industry. By infusing this expertise, with his vast industry experience, he’s able to develop highly profitable business strategies which further helps him and his partners achieve sustainable growth.

From the moment you meet him, it becomes very clear that Frank Hennig is a man that values premium quality and it’s these values that he drives into the very core of GER-LINE, as can be seen from the quality of every fishing line we supply.

FRANK HENNIG, Ger-Line President

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